Lack Of control over autiditing suppliers And documentation?

Smart Software Reduces YOUR Time for
auditing suppliers Drastically…
Put your suppliers auditing on auto-pilot and enjoy selfgenerated Easy accessable overview of all your suppliers

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Save hours of time...

Increase the effectivness of your autiding process

And the best of all... secured by blockchain technology!

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Faulty components can cause severe damage. Orixe helps me secure that we do not get any counterfeit parts in our production line.
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With Orixe I have a full overview of all my suppliers and control over which supplier that is approved to deliver. Made auditing much easier.
JuliQuality Assurance
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New and old suppliers are easily audited in Orixe. It saves me and my team time and we reduce the risk of counterfeit parts.

Any experienced quality manager will agree…

Auditing suppliers efficiently is harder than ever...

And being efficient with regulations that are always updating can be even harder.

You became a multitasking expert. Always ready to find THAT email or ANOTHER form or certificate that you sort in the right order in the right folder.

Even if you are managing to nail all your tasks, how long do you think you can go like that? Recent research found that “managers are typically expected to juggle numerous tasks and challenges at once — many times with unclear expectations — leading to increased stress and risk of burnout.”


Many quality managers agreed that current solutions do not provide either functionality or security.

Fact: Even though many quality managers handle their auditing tasks very well, most have a tough time doing that in time effective way!

Getting the right documentation from suppliers is only half the batle – and it’s the easy half.

Sorting everything, providing upon demand and taking care of the update deadlines is the other half.

You need to keep your database effectively, by sorting out your emails and document database, separately but still congruent, easy to access but still safe.

Which isn’t as easy as it sounds … so a lot of quality managers don’t bother, and just go with the flow, do what they “must” do the way it “must” be done, which will:

The Result?

Quality managers complain that their auditing tasks taking them most of the day.

Blame it on their softwares and suppliers.

Look for alternatives... (if they even get time for that) and companies are more than happy to offer them a "new database software", promising to be better than the last...

The Solution Is NOT What Everyone Else Is Chasing

Believing that any new software will magically solve every auditing problem is wishful thinking.

Because the main issue is time consumption: simply serving another software along with the email account will make no differance.

Until the principle is the same, no software in the planet is going to improve process of suppliers auditing over the long term.

There's A Smarter ... And MUCH Easier Way:

It’s obvious that automation  works far better and precise than just emailing and manualy handeling of every single case.

Automation is a method that’s been used with great success in various industries, for example in the form of CRMs. Then way auditing suppliers wouldn’t be automated? Because of security?


How would you feel if we tell you that there is a solution that combines ultimate security of blockchain technology, userfriendly interface and automation?

Here are some quick facts about blockchain:

# 10
Best solution

Blockchain scores over conventional technology in terms of security, cyber defence, reliability, and scalability.  

0 %

Data once writen can not be removed or modified, which makes blockchain more secure than paper documentation, traditional databases and other options.

0 %

86% of executives who participated in the Deloitte survey from across a dozen countries, believe that blockchain will reach the mainstream eventually. This shows that major business leaders and corporations are looking at blockchain adoption seriously.

0 %

According to the Deloitte survey, 81% of respondents also said that they are planning to replace their existing system of records with blockchain, while 77% believe that they might lose market share or traction if they don’t adopt blockchain.

Orixe Audit™ can turn ANYONE into a supplier auditing expert ... and MAXIMIZE your effectivness.


There is NO Easier way to maximize effectivnes in your supplier audiging process and have clear Selfgenerated Easy Accessable Overview Of All Your Suppliers (whether they are approved, in process or not approved)


With a few simple mouse clicks, Orixe Audit™ connects your supplier with you blockchain database cloud platform. From that point on, your supplier does the rest.

All you need to do when your supplier is ready is to evaluate their form, again on the platform, and decide if they are approved or not. No emails, no downloading, uploading, storing, creating folders… nothing!

Best of all, Orixe Audit™ gives you almost limitless options for building custom audit form templates to your own specifications . . . which allows you to audit your suppliers with pinpoint precision and dramatically reduce time of auditing process.

Still not sure and you want to discover yourself?

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