Secure data and 100% proven data integrity

Orixe Chain is a blockchain solution used to verify the data integrity of the transactions created in Orixe Trace and the audits completed in Orixe Audit. Our blockchain solution is user-friendly, cost-efficient, secure and has low energy consumption. 

The Orixe blockchain allows your business to secure data transparently without compromising data privacy.

The Orixe software was developed with a focus on the business problem of companies risking receiving counterfeit parts and unsafe products in their product portfolio or production line. We therefore invented a smart way to minimise the amount of open information on the Orixe blockchain without compromising the level of traceability and transparency needed to protect against counterfeiting.

We calculate and establish a mathematical fingerprint of the transactions information which is saved in the blockchain. This ensures that transaction data is immutable, business sensitive information is kept confidential, and allows us to minimise the amount of data stored on the blockchain. 3,5 million transactions on the Orixe blockchain can be executed using the same amount of energy used in one bitcoin transaction (Digiconomist).

This strengthens accountability and trust between business partners, while reducing the risk of counterfeit parts, dishonesty, and corruption in your supply chain.


Through the use of Orixe Trace, your supply chain will become more transparent and you can prove to the public that you are taking responsibility and following legal and ethical standards.