The Orixe technology

Orixe was created to protect public and business interests, by improving trust relations between buyers and suppliers we aim at creating a more secure, transparent and trustworthy marketplace. Our overlying philosophy with Orixe is to create a system that is so easy, efficient and economically attractive that it will help shape a new and better industry standard with regards to product regulation and business integrity.


The Orixe technology is a fully secure system that thoroughly protects the users information and allows no room for undetected tampering or misuse of data. 

Secure transactions

By documenting every step of the supply chain and storing it in the blockchain, we can reliably track the route of every product, ensuring transparency and control.


Quality control of your products has never been so simple and fast. Orixe helps you verify the compliance of your suppliers, the origin of your products and prove to your customers that you deliver the highest quality standard.

Energy Efficient

The technology we use minimize the double storage of data compared to other solutions. The orixe blockchain uses less than 1/8000 of the energy consumption than Ethereum uses in a blockchain transaction. 


We use a blockchain, which uses cryptographic functions to calculate a hash, for each block of data. These blocks are then linked to each other, and the last block becomes part of the newest block’s fingerprint. The result is 100% data integrity and a solution you and your business partners can rely on.