Orixe Services

Orixe offers several services designed to simplify and improve systems and processes in the supply chain industry. Our services are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing business practices, reducing waste and inefficiency. From transaction oversight to auditing suppliers, all data stored on the Orixe platform is secured by Orixe Chain.

Auditing suppliers can be time consuming and hard to organise. We have built a module to help you automate and simplify the process of auditing suppliers.

Together we can make a paradigm shift where ethical responsible transactions become a standard and responsible business practises are an outspoken competitive advantage. 

Chain is the brain behind our services.
We use blockchain technology to secure your anonymised data, while also making it easy to guarantee to any stakeholders that the data remains immutable.

Trace is developed to help your business have control over your supply chain.
Our service gives you full transparency and insight over every step in your supply chain.
With automated processes and integration making the process streamlined and efficient.
Secure and organise your CoC´s .

100% safe for you and your supplier.

Easy onboarding in 3 steps


Onboarding and mapping of needs

How can Orixe most effectively assist your company in securing your supply chain? Building a relationship is important to us. 


Client set up and training of key users

Our team will show you the efficiency our software brings to your business. A free trial is available for those interested. 


Testing and ERP - Integration

Our team will assist in seamlessly integrating our software with your current business systems and processes. 


The benefits of adopting our services are many. Not only will your company directly benefit financially, on quality and efficiency, but also in taking social responsibility and proving that to the public.


Blockchain technology


Secure your supply chain


Reduce financial risk


Responsibility proven to the public


Transparency will reduce your risk


We are here to support and assist!