Can you with certainty prove the origin of all your products?

Do your suppliers comply 100% with your standards?

Secure supply chain

Orixe is a software company devoted to creating trust between suppliers and buyers. Our purpose is to help create a better and safer Supply Chain for companies by improving traceability of transactions and reducing time and effort spent on securing the supply chain...

Faulty components can cause severe damage. Orixe helps me secure that we do not get any counterfeit parts in our production line.
With Orixe I have a full overview of all my suppliers and control over which supplier that is approved to deliver. Made auditing much easier.
New and old suppliers are easily audited in Orixe. It saves me and my team time and we reduce the risk of counterfeit parts.
Quality Assurance

Save time...

Orixe supports internal routines in Quality Assurance, logistics and warehousing 

Clear overview

Orixe is a software company devoted to creating trust between suppliers and buyers in an easy and affordable manner

Secured by blockchain

The blockchain solution secures traceability and product documentation by providing 100% data integrity


Orixe provides three different modules for you to use to secure your supply chain. 


Audit is a module designet to automate, simplify, and enhance the process of auditing your company's suppliers.
Orixe provides you business with complete control and oversight over your supply chain.



Trace provides a secure, efficient, user-friendly and cost-efficient solution for tracking a component throughout the whole supply chain. Granting full transparency of all relevant details to the parties involved.



Chain is a blockchain solution used to verify the data integrety of the transactions created in Trace and the audits completed in Audit. Our blockchain solution is user-friendly, cost-efficient, secure and has low energy consumption.