The survey is designed to help you self-assess your CSR (corporate social responsibility) maturity, based on the UN’s 10 Global Compact Principles. After submitting your survey, you will receive an overall score for the four categories connect to the Global Compact, labour, human rights, environment and anti-corruption.
The highest possible score is 1000. The survey provides you an overall score on the maturity level of your company in the four categories pertaining to the UN’s global compact principles.

If the survey is submitted you will not be able to change the answers anymore. You will however be able to retake the survey annually in order to compare the score from each year, and keep an overview of the progress your company is making.

Yes. By clicking the save button in the bottom right corner when filling in the survey, you can save your answers so far so that you can return to the survey at a later time. 

You need to be a paid user in order to invite your suppliers to take the survey.
Yes. The suppliers that your account is connected to will be able to see your overall score, but they will not be able to see your specific answers. No other user’s will be able to view your score.

The expiry date determents how long the link will be valid for your suppliers. You can check of the “Allow code to be redeemed multiple times” box in order to send the link to multiple suppliers.


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