We empower businesses to be in full control of their supply chain and reduce the risk of becoming victim of pirate and counterfeit goods!
Our modules document and prove that you deliver the highest quality standards in compliance with laws and regulations. We help business fulfill the UN Sustainable Development  Goals.
We will be working in close cooperation with your company and available for follow up and support. 

Insurance against counterfeit goods

Efficient internal processes 

Control of your supply chain


Orixe Audit is a module designed to automate, simplify, and enhance the process of auditing your business with complete control and oversight of your supply chain. 

The process of auditing will be automated and therefore more efficient. You will be able to see which suppliers are approved for purchase or not, in addition to what stage of the auditing process they are in. The complete oversight that is given will make it easier to choose suppliers that follow the same ethical and legal standards as your business. 

Your suppliers are not required to be Orixe customers in order to give you value. With Orixe Audit you can invite your suppliers to use part of the solution, which allows you to audit a wider range of companies and increases the value and benefit of using Orixe Audit. 

With the transparency that Orixe gives your supply chain, you can prove to the public that your business is taking responsibility and following ethical standards. 


Orixe Trace is a module that provides a secure, efficient, user- friendly, and cost – efficient solution for tracking a component throughout the whole supply chain, granting full transparency of all relevant details to the parties involved. 

With oversight of your supply chain, you can ensure that your business partners are following the same legal and ethical standards. Orixe Trace ensures accountability empowering your business to be in full control of your supply chain and enhance trust with your business partners. The solution reduces the risk of counterfeit parts, corruption, and dishonesty in your supply chain. 

With Orixe Trace you will prove to the public that you are taking responsibility and part of an ethical business environment. 


Orixe Chain is a blockchain solution used to verify the data integrity of the transactions created in Orixe Trace and the audits completed in Orixe Audit. Our blockchain solution is user-friendly, cost-efficient, secure and has low energy consumption. 

The Orixe Chain allows your business to secure data without reducing their data privacy. All transactions are saved in the blockchain, which ensures that the data is immutable. This enhances accountability and trust between business partners, while reducing the risk of counterfeit parts, dishonesty, and corruption in your supply chain. 

By increasing trust and accountability, your supply chain will become more transparent and you can prove to the public that you are taking responsibility and following legal and ethical standards. 


Step 1: Onboarding and mapping need

Step 2: Client account set up and training of key users 

Step 3: Testing and ERP – integration

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