Secure your supply chain from pirated products and unethical behavior

Being able to prove the origin of products and sustainability in the supply chain is becoming more and more important. Orixe has developed  a solution to solve this.

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The Orixe tool is very effective and at the same time easy to use. You can be assured that your company complies with the requirements regarding traceability in the supply chain (EU Taxonomy / Supply chain act) and customers’ requirements to secure original products and avoid falsified certificates of authenticity. 

The tool also has a useful function when it comes to the approval of suppliers. So that you have control over which suppliers are approved to deliver what. Your organization will get a better overview of which suppliers are approved to deliver what. Your organization will save time on supplier approval, warehousing, and quality assurance.

The solution has been developed in collaboration with industrial customers who deliver to space and the defense industry. This has led to a safe, robust and precise solution that will give the quality manager, purchasing manager and warehousing  better workdays.

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