CEO and founder, Gunilla Grimsgaard started the company as a result of a decision she made 4 years ago: “I decided to put all my working hours into something that would help build the society I want to live in and be part of”. After looking into and reading about the challenges that exist within complex global supply chains, Gunilla realized that a lot of the problems originate from poor supply chain management, she took matter into her own hands, and SSC was founded.  

The true cost of poor supply chain management and dark supply chains are many and have devastating consequences. Pollution, climate change, unsafe products not in compliance with safety standards, unfair labor markets with slavery and child labor, children not getting education and the skills they need to build a prosperous future, and reducing the possibilities for local communities to thrive and be competitive.  

Who is Gunilla Grimsgaard 

I have a degree from Gothenburg University; Master of Science in Economics. My specialization was in statistics and mathematic modeling.When I entered the workforce I believed that statistics and mathematical modeling was the future and jumped right into working with Data Warehousing and customer data analysis, unfortunately not many other people were on the same as me when it came to statistics and data analysis – therefore it was kind of a slow matter for me.  

I am a person who likes things to happen and to achieve results. I started working with software development within project management and product development, building teams that created solutions enhancing people’s lives; internet bank solutions, mobile pay solutions, digital signature solutions, secure web shop solutions in connection with warehousing and logistics and internet insurance. We did a lot of good things that gave people the opportunity to access financial services online and to keep safe online.  

From there on I started to look into how we could make internet applications and cyber activity more secure. I started working within Cyber security within management consulting and as a cyber security officer implementing internal routines and standards for information security and cyber security, including risk and vulnerability analyses for businesses and processes. 

When I started to look into supply chain management and the problems that occurred within complex supply Chains. I immediately knew that I could build a solution that would fix the problem of “Dark supply chains” and I knew right away that we would benefit by using blockchain.  

This was in 2018 and then the prototype for the Secure Supply Chain platform was built and we ran our first pilot in 2019. 

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