Why Orixe ESG?

How sustainable is your business? What mark do you want to leave on the planet? Orixe ESG makes possible to measure the impact made not only by your business but by your entire supply chain.

Scoring CSR maturity

The Orixe ESG module is a powerful tool to help you report on the Global Compact maturity status of your organization. The module is designed to help you self-assess your CSR maturity and provides you with an overall score on the maturity level of your company, and your supply chain.

The ESG Self-Assessment

The ESG questionnaire consists of 10 questions, each relating to one of the 10 Global Compact principles. These 10 principles are spread across four main categories, Human Rights, Labour, Environment & Anti-Corruption. You will be able to assess your own and your supplier’s maturity level score for each of these for categories separately, and as a total sum.

Ease of use

The ESG module is easy to use. You simply fill out the self-assessment questionnaire to receive your own maturity level score. If you then choose to invite suppliers to use the ESG-module, you will be able to review the average maturity score of all suppliers that have completed the self-assessment.

ESG Process


Register a user with Orixe


Go to the Orixe dashboard and click the ESG icon.


Fill out the Global Compact self-assessment questionnaire. The questionnaire consists of ten questions each pertaining to one of the ten Global Compact principles.


The ESG-module calculates your score based on your self-assessment. Feel free to share your score!


Invite your suppliers to complete their own self-assessment, click on invite in the top menu on the right.


Once your suppliers have completed their self-assessments an average score for your suppliers will be available on the dashboard of the ESG-module, alongside your own score.

The Technology Behind


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