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FNS Climate Conference 2026 runs until 14 Nov. Here, several countries are converting to and reducing CO2 emissions. The goal is not to exceed one and a half degrees and ensure a stable climate now and for the future. We at Orixe have the vision and help the business community to become more sustainable. As part of this we have collaborated with Oslomet, Gründergarasjen developed a CO2 calculator for companies, awareness is the first step to action join the movement.

16. November 15:00-17:00

Location: Pilestredet 52 3rd floor, 0167 Oslo

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Orixe was created to protect public and business interests, by improving trust relations between buyers and suppliers we aim at creating a more secure, transparent and trustworthy marketplace. Our overlying philosophy with Orixe is to create a system that it will help shape a new and better industry standard with regards to product regulation and business integrity.


The benefits of adopting our services are many. Not only will your company directly benefit financially, on quality and efficiently but also be able to take social responsibility and prove to the public that your company takes responsibility.


Blockchain technology


Secure your supply chain


Reduce finanical risk


Responsibility proven to the public


Transparency will reduce your risk


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