How companies hide their environmental footprints with dark supply chains

According to McKinsey, a companies supply chain is responsible for 90% of its impact on the environment. These impacts can include toxic waste, water pollution, loss of biodiversity, deforestation, long-term damage to ecosystems, air emissions, and excessive energy and water use. Orixe created a blockchain solution for the future – secure, energy-efficient, and user-friendly. Orixe will help your company take supply chain management and quality assurance to a new level, making unethical supply chains a thing of the past.

How Orixe will help make a more sustainable world

Orixe’s solutions combine database and blockchain. Blockchain technology in the supply chain can help participants record price, date, location, quality, certifications, and other relevant information to more effectively manage the supply chain. The availability of this information within the supply chain will increase the traceability of the supply chain.
Orixe has created four modules, Audit, Trace, ESG, and Chain. Each of these helping companies monitor and minimise their environmental footprint in a different way.

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How we make a difference