Finansavisen Artikkel

Når piratprodukter kan få katastrofale følger Se for deg at et missil fra Luftforsvarets F35 Lightning fyrt av mot et øvingsmål forsvinner i feil retning og styrer mot befolket område….

Orixe’s 3 step guide to secure your supply chain

The Sustainable Chain Orixe’s 3 step guide to secure your supply chain 05.07.21 You should be in control of your supply chain and your suppliers and subcontractors should not be able to jeopardize your business’s finances, operations, or reputation. Therefore, we have created a 3-step guide to secure your supply chain.  Step 1: Transparency In the last years, […]


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Register Sustainability Assessment

I want the sustainability assessment for free The user’s right to privacy is of paramount importance to Orixe. When you register we will ask you to provide your name, organization, email address, and other related information. We will use this information to provide you with the resource you have asked for and/or to give you […]

Earth Day

Do you fear pollution and slavery in your supply chain? More than 90% of a company footprint can originate from the supply chain that can hide:   pollution slavery corruption   Want your company sustainability score – register here! Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges, exercise environmental responsibility and strive to develop […]

Months NIFRO Member

ORXE is the Months NIFRO Member The Months NIFRO Member: Orixe Orixe sikrer sporbarhet i leverandørkjeden. For å belyse utviklingen i norsk romsektoren starter NIFRO en ny intervju-serie; «månedens medlem»…